Viking Tactics (VTAC) Beard Oil and Beard Balm is Here!

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Viking Tactics (VTAC) to create their own unique scents of beard oils and balms.

Viking Tactics is well known in the firearms and tactical communities for providing some of the best firearm gear and training. And Kyle Lamb, the company’s lead gear designer and trainer, is known for having an awesome beard – it only makes sense that VTAC should have its own beard care products.

The two new VTAC Beard Balm and Beard Oil scents are:

VTAC Clandestine

VTAC Clandestine™ beard balm gets its name because when you’re wearing it, you’ll be so stealthy that they won’t smell you coming.

We have men who love to have their beards look good but they (or their ladies) don’t like having a scent in their beard. If this is you, then Musket and Hatchet Stealth™ beard balm is for you.


VTAC 3-Day Pass

VTAC Beard Balm Clandestine UnscentedVTAC 3-Day Pass™ gets its name because it reminds us of taking some time off of work and scheduling some special time with our ladies (or trying to find our ladies).

A 3-Day Pass is permission military members receive to have a 3-day weekend away from work. Receiving a 3-Day Pass usually meant that you’ve been working extra hard lately, you just came back from a deployment, or it was an award for a job well done. If you had a lady in your life, it was time to focus on her. If you didn’t, it was time to focus on getting her. 🙂

If you’ve been working too much lately, grab some VTAC 3-Day Pass for your beard and either go find your special lady or plan something for just the two of you. You can thank us later!



Check out all of the VTAC exclusive scents here: VTAC Beard Balms and Oils

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