Recon™ (Pine, Cedar, and Oak) Beard Oil

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Premium pine-scented beard oil with hints of cedar and oak and made with high quality oils to condition your beard and skin.

100% veteran owned and made with a no questions asked return policy.

Our beard oil is perfect for making your beard healthy and maintained with a finished look.  Our beard oils should be used sparingly (no more that 5 or 6 drops) to condition your beard hairs and the skin underneath your beard and make you beard more manageable.

Recon™ scent also available as a beard balm.

Recon™ Scent

Musket & Hatchet Recon™ scent gets its name because it reminds us of the smell of walking through the woods while taking your time to stop, look, listen, and smell.​

Recon, short for reconnaissance, refers to surveying an area to locate something.

In the military, this means sneaking through the woods to find the enemy – it requires an acute awareness of your surroundings.

While you’re wearing Recon™ beard oil or beard balm, we hope you’ll remember to stop throughout your day and take in your surroundings… including your awesome smelling beard.

Scent Profile
Pine 50%
Cedar 25%
Oak 25%
Awesome 100%

Also Available In:

Musket & Hatchet

Beard Oil

Carrier Oils

Musket & Hatchet beard oil penetrates beard hairs to combat dry and itchy beard hair, it makes your beard easier to manage, and it takes care of your skin under your beard. How does it do this? With our proprietary blend of premium Carrier Oils!

Each carrier oil has its own benefits and premium beard oil will be a combination of multiple carrier oils of high quality. All Musket and Hatchet Beard Oils are made from 9 different carrier oils – all are 100% natural!

The carrier oils in our beard oil are:

  1. Virgin Argan Oil
  2. Pure Jojoba Oil
  3. Vitamin E Oil
  4. Sweet Almond Oil
  5. Apricot Kernel Oil
  6. Avocado Oil
  7. Pumpkin Seed Oil
  8. Hempseed Oil
  9. Grapeseed Oil
Essential Oils

Musket & Hatchet beard oil smells GREAT! As in ‘she won’t be able to leave you alone’ great!

Why do our beard oils have just the right amount of awesomeness while other beard oils smell like either girls’ lip-balm or a teenage boy’s body spray?

Easy, instead of artificial scents, we only use premium grade essential oils to make your beard smell great.

Recon™ (Pine, Cedar, and Oak) Beard Oil

How To Use Beard Oil

In a word, use beard oil SPARINGLY!  

A premium beard oil should only be added to your beard 4-5 drops per day. 

PREP: The best time to add beard oil is to a clean and slightly damp beard (right after a morning shower is perfect). 

APPLICATION: Use the dropper to apply 4-5 drops directly to your beard or, or favorite method, to the fingertips of one hand. Then, massage the oil into and throughout your beard ensuring that the beard oil makes it down to your skin.

STYLING: Using a comb, style your beard as you normally would. After the first few days of use, you’ll notice how much better your beard hair behaves (and how great it feels during the day). 

If your beard appears oily, you’re using too much! 

If you’d like some extra styling hold and control, you may now add some beard balm.


Virgin Argan Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Hempseed Oil, Scented With Premium Grade Essential Oils.

1 oz. Glass bottle with dropper.

At our recommended usage of 4-5 drops per day, you should be able to get at LEAST 4 months of use from a single bottle (and that’s using it every single day).

This product contains tree nut oils and natural botanicals. Allergy sufferers test before use.

If you’re not happy, for any reason, then we’re not happy. Simply contact us so that we can help you returned the unused portion and you’ll receive a full refund.

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