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Beard Itch Fix – 3 Tricks for Itchy Beard Relief

You don’t have to live with beard itch! We’re going to break-down what causes and itchy beard (especially if you’re growing a new beard) and we’re going to show you 3 tricks to give you some itchy beard relief.

Getting rid of beard itch is all about making your beard hair, and just as important, the skin under your beard, healthy. This not only makes your beard more comfortable, it is also going to make your beard look better (healthier and fuller) and make it easier to style/maintain your beard.

What Causes Itchy Beards?

itchy beardBeard itch sucks (especially when you’re growing a new beard). But, we’ve got good news: you don’t have to live with an itchy beard!

Sure, we get it, a beard that itches all day is miserable. We’ve been there (that’s part of the reason why we were so obsessed with using the best carrier oils in our beard oil).

However, have you ever thought how frustrating it must be for someone else to watch you scratch at your face in frustration all day?

Well, it’s annoying (just ask our wives). Apparently there’s a whole list of things women experience when their man has a beard.

Even though my wife loves my beard, she was so frustrated watching me sit at the dinner table and furiously scratch my beard because it itched so bad that she asked me to shave my beard if I couldn’t stop itching it.

There are two main causes for beard itch:

  1. Dry and “wirey” beard hair, and
  2. Dry skin under your beard.

Quality beard oils solve both these problems well without making you smell like a teenage girl’s lip-balm and without leaving your beard looking oily/wet. Seriously…use whatever shampoo you want but please use a beard oil that is made up of quality carrier oils.

The first, and most obvious, source of beard itch is dry beard hair.


Dry Beard Hair

Beard hair, especially on new beard growth, is usually dry and a bit “wirey.”

When a beard is new, the skin on your face isn’t accustomed to producing oils for your hair. And, let’s face it, hair on different parts of your body is… well… different. Beard hair happens to be some of the most coarse, and dry, hair on your body.

So, hair that is already coarse and dry is made even drier on a new beard when your skin under your beard isn’t producing enough oils for your beard hair. This results in a dry and scratchy beard, but it also results in dry skin under your beard.

If you want your beard to itch less (or not at all), then you’re going to have to do something about your dry beard hair. The easiest (and best) method of fighting a scratchy beard is to use a premium beard oil. However, we’ve got three tips for fighting an itchy beard below.


Dry Skin Under Beard

Dry Skin Under BeardAs we mentioned above, dry beard hair is just one of the causes of non-stop beard scratching. The other, and possible the most overlooked, is dry skin under your beard!

If your beard is new, then the new hair growth is literally sucking the oils from your skin and drying it out! But, even if your beard isn’t new, the skin under your beard can become too dry.

So what? Well, dry skin not only itches more (yes, you may be itching because of the skin under your beard and not necessarily the beard itself), it is also more sensitive to those coarse beard hairs. And, if you’re not using beard oil, then your sensitive skin is being scratched by itchy/dry beard hairs!

See a trend here? If you’re not using beard oil to take care of your beard hair and skin, don’t be surprised if you have an itchy face.

Also, if your skin type is susceptible to it, or if your beard skin gets super dry, then you might also have to deal with beard dandruff as well.


Tips for Beard Itch Relief

Ok, you know that beard itch comes from dry beard hair and dry skin under your beard. So, how do you solve dry skin and hair?

We’ve got three tips to keep you from scratching your beard all day and, hopefully, make you start loving your beard!

The three beard itch relief tips are:

  1. Properly wash and condition your beard,
  2. Use a premium beard oil, and
  3. Comb your beard


1. Properly wash and condition your beard

condition your beardLook, if you’re like us, you’ve probably used nothing more than a single bar of soap to wash your whole body for at least one period in your life. Your wife/girlfriend, on the other hand, might have 20 different types of soaps/washes that she uses each shower. Well, there’s a reason their skin is softer, smells nice, and their hair is healthier looking than ours.

The good news is you don’t need 20 soaps… heck you only need one. However, please start using shampoo and conditioner (you know, the stuff actually made for hair) on your beard! Not only will your hairs be softer, your skin under your beard will thank you.

A surefire way to irritated skin under your beard is to wash it with a bar of soap! One of our favorite (and simple) shampoos/conditioners is Dove Men Care 2 in 1.


2. Use a premium beard oil

Recon Beard Oil PineIn order to keep the moisture in your beard hairs AND to properly take care fo your skin, you’ve got to use a good beard oil. Please don’t skimp here. Even if you don’t use our product, find another premium oil to use. A cheap beard oil not only won’t work near as well, it can actually make your hairs waxy/greasy and make your skin MORE irritated. It might be cheaper to use the “cheap” stuff, but you’ll waste more money ’cause you won’t use it.

Apply the beard oil after your shower and use it SPARINGLY!

4 or 5 drops is all you need.

When you apply it, make sure to rub it in all the way down to your skin.


3. Comb your beard

After you’ve massaged the few drops of beard oil all the way down to your skin under your freshly conditioned beard, comb your beard to help distribute the oil and to start training your beard hairs to lay down nicely. After all, if your beard is crazy, there’s more of a chance your hairs are going to poke you.


And, that’s it! Use these three tricks to stop beard itch fast and be happy with your beard!



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