Beard Oil Guide

Beard Oil Guide [2019]

Beard Oil Guide [2019]

Beard oil? What the heck is beard oil?

If you’re wondering what beard oil is and whether you should be using it on your beard (and how), keep reading! If you already know that beard oil is for you, please check out our awesome hand-crafted Musket & Hatchet Beard Oils!

We’re going to cover everything you’ve been wondering about beard oil and answer your questions about beard oil such as:


Benefits of Beard Oil

Before we answer all of your questions about beard oil, let’s go through a quick summary of the benefits of beard oil.

But first, a quick run-through of potential beard problems: beard hair is coarse and if not managed properly, dry beard hair can be unruly and ITCHY. Also, the skin under your beard can get flaky and make the itching worse. Your beard can also be annoying to your significant other – trust us, you don’t want your partner avoiding you because of a scratchy or unruly beard.

Beard oil nourishes your beard hair which makes it MUCH easier to manage and it can even help promote beard growth. Also, if you use a quality beard oil, your beard will naturally appear fuller and with the right scent, your significant other will want to get close to your beard.

But beard oil isn’t just for your beard hair, beard oil also helps condition your skin under your beard.


What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is specially formulated to help manage and condition your beard.

Carrier oils, which make up the bulk of beard oil, are oils that help penetrate your beard hair and skin.  Popular carrier oils are Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, and Argan Oil.

Each carrier oil has its own benefits and better beard oil products will be a combination of multiple carrier oils of high quality.

All Musket and Hatchet Beard Oils are made from 9 different carrier oils – all are 100% natural!  The carrier oils in our beard oil are: Virgin Argan Oil, Pure Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Hempseed Oil, and Grapeseed Oil.

If you’d like to learn more about carrier oils, check out this breakdown of each carrier oil.

Scented beard oil also includes additives for scent. Be careful here: artificial scents can be irritating to your skin/beard and can be too strong. A nice smelling beard is good, but too much scent can make you smell like a teenager who just discovered cheap cologne.

The best beard oils use natural essential oils for scent.


Why Use Beard Oil?

You should use beard oil to soften your beard hair, condition your skin, and, if scented, give your beard a pleasant smell.

If your beard is itchy, it looks like you’re homeless, or you want your significant other to beg you to never shave it off because it looks and smells so good, you should be using beard oil!

If you see someone with a great looking beard, they’re probably using beard oil.

Here’s a great article on some of the benefits of beard oil.


What Does Beard Oil Do?

Beard oil penetrates beard hairs to combat dry and itchy beard hair.

Beard oil makes your beard easier to manage, it can make your beard look fuller, it takes care of your skin under your beard, and it can make your beard smell great.

Used daily, beard oil will give you a healthy beard… this results in you being more confident with your beard.

To learn more, check out our article What Does Beard Oil Do?


How to Use Beard Oil?

Apply beard oil just after a shower or first thing in the morning to a dry or barely damp beard.  Apply a few drops of beard oil to your hand and then work the oil into your beard – make sure to get the beard oil worked all the way through your beard hair and down to your skin.

If you used too much beard oil, you’ll know. It’s best to be sparing with your beard oil – especially at first while you’re getting used to it.  See the next section on how to apply beard oil for more info.

For best results, use beard oil daily. You’ll see immediate results with beard oil but long term use will really make a difference.


How to Apply Beard Oil?

Take a small amount of beard oil and run it into your beard. The operate word here is SMALL!

If your beard oil has a dropper (ours do) this is good news! You should use about 3 drops of beard oil (yes, that’s all) and massage it deep into your beard.

If you don’t have a beard oil dropper (or you don’t want to use it), check out this video on how to apply beard oil for a great trick: dab three finger tips with beard oil and then apply.

To help your beard hairs lay straight, a nice horsehair brush can be used after you apply the beard oil.


How often to Use Beard Oil?

You should use beard oil daily – it’s perfect right after your shower (yes, you should be showering daily) 🙂


A small amount is all you need to help lock the moisture in your beard without making your beard hairs too oily.


Beard Oil Guide Summary

Now that you know what beard oil is, its benefits, and how to use it, it’s time to make your beard happy and get some of your own beard oil.

Beard oil moisturizes your beard hairs to keep the from being itchy and to make your beard more manageable, it conditions your skin under your beard, and if you get a beard oil with a scent, it can make your beard smell GREAT!

If you’re looking for some more help managing your beard, you might want to check out beard balm.

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